Welcome to Angels In Waiting

Angels in Waiting provides charitable donations of goods and services, and makes available educational programming, to individuals and small groups who seek our assistance

We encourage a broad base of charitable contributions of goods and services by centralizing donations at AIW and facilitating the relationship with those in need. We also design and offer educational programming to increase awareness of socially conscious issues of human concern leading to action.

Angels in Waiting depends on your participation and your generosity.

We are fortunate to have the assistance of many bright people who generously give their time and creativity to create AIW’s face, conscience and our future. We are so proud of what we have been able to accomplish with finite resources. We are growing daily and we encourage you to discover the different ways you can support and assist the Angels.... you may become an Angel yourself!


Very Best Wishes,

Jill Eden Strauzer, Esq.
Founder and Director

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